Electrical Panel Replacement

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When it's time to upgrade or replace the electrical panel in your home or business, call the professionals at Cox Electric, Inc. for an estimate on an electrical panel replacement or upgrade. You can trust your new electrical panel will be professionally replaces to comply with all electrical codes and permits.

Reasons to Replace or Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Older homes frequently have electrical panels with fuses instead of circuit breakers. Fuses in an electrical box are known to be a fire hazard and for that reason, many insurance companies will not insure a home with an outdated electrical panel.

  • Failed Inspection Before Sale or Purchase
  • Homeowners Insurance Is Requiring Upgrade
  • Panel Has Been Replaced Without a Permit
  • You have Added on To Your Home
  • Adding Powerful Outdoor Lighting and Electronics
  • Sizzling or Popping Sounds
  • Panel Is Older Than 25 Years
  • You have Recently Installed More Powerful Appliances
  • Your Lights Flicker or Dim When You Turn Something On
  • Your Current Panel Can't Handle Your Electrical Demand

Common Problems with Electrical Panels

Aluminum Wiring in Your Home

Aluminum wiring first appears to be an acceptable and less expensive alternative conductor to copper wiring, however as time goes by, aluminum wiring becomes a major problem if it is used in your home's electrical system.

Aluminum wiring suffers from cold creep. Aluminum reacts far more dramatically to temperature changes than copper wiring. When aluminum wiring expands and contracts due to the weather, the wires loosen at their connections, negatively impacting conductivity. Without a solid connection in place, aluminum wiring has a greater potential to cause fires and electrical failures.

Challenger Electrical Panels

During the early 1970's, GTE-Sylvania developed and started selling an electrical panel breaker of their own design. Over the course of the following two decades, the electrical panels, named "Challenger Panels", had been installed into hundreds of thousands of homes all across the United States.

Challenger electrical panels presented serious safety hazards that closely related the dangerous flaws of Zinsco panels, once a major name in residential electrical panels. During the brief lifespan of the Challenger, the company that manufactured them was sold four times, and the Eaton Corporation became the final owner before completely abandoning the product.

If your current house has a Challenger electrical panel, or if you are considering buying a house with a Challenger panel, your top priority should be replacing this component. Caribbean Electrical has extensive experience replacing these inferior panels and will upgrade your home's electrical system with a modern, safe, and dependable unit.

Cloth Insulated Wiring

Cloth insulated wiring was frequently installed in houses built prior to 1950. During that era, cloth was a good insulation material for wiring, however over time, the shortcomings of that method became apparent.

If your home has the original cloth insulated wiring that was installed when your home was built, it is highly recommended to have it replaced. The cloth insulation was not designed to stand the test of time; the insulation becomes brittle and cracks, exposing the bare electrical wire which poses the threat of electrical shock. Furthermore, if the exposed electrical wire comes in contact with other items in your walls or attic, there is a risk of causing a fire.

Replacing Electrical Panels for Insurance Purposes

Older homes frequently have electrical panels that many insurance companies will not insure.

Federal Pacific


I-T-E Pushmatic



Home Additions That May Require an Upgraded Electrical Panel

Even if you have a more modern electrical panel, if you plan on adding anything to your home that requires a high demand for electricity, your existing electrical box may not be able to handle the extra load.

Pools Demand More Electricity

Pools and Hot Tubs

New A/C Units

Tankless Water Heaters

New Appliances

If your current electrical panel is not rated to handle the increase demand for electricity, it is considered a code violation. Additionally, if your panel cannot handle the increased load, the breakers will trip subsequently leaving you without electricity.

Before adding anything to your home with a high demand for electricity, call Cox Electric, Inc. or send us an email and we will provide you with a thorough analysis of any improvements your home's electrical system may need.

A New Electrical Panel Increases Your Home's Value

If you are selling your home, a new electrical panel can increase the value, especially if your current panel is extremely outdated. Furthermore, your home inspection may not pass if the inspector deems your current electrical panel to be dangerous.

The same applies if you are looking to buy a home. If you see that the panel looks decades old, be sure to ask if the electrical panel meets codes.